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Living Costs

Daily Costs

We have provided a summary of different living costs at a range of budgets for your stay in Edinburgh during the congress. Please note prices may change until 2021.

Budget Midrange Top End
Accommodation Dorm Beds/Hostel: £15 – 30 Double room: £80 – 100 Double room in boutique/four-star hotel: £175 – 225
Eating Out Markets, lunch specials for food: £5–10 per person Two-course dinner with glass of wine: £30 per person Three-course dinner (including wine) in top restaurant: £70–100 per person
Drinking Beer (1 pint): £2.75 – 4.50 Wine (1 small glass): £2.50 – 4.00 Cocktails: £6.00 – 12.00
Social & Entertainment Many museums and galleries: free Live music in pub: free–£10 Edinburgh Castle/Holyrood Palace/Royal Yacht Britannia: £15-20
Travel Bus/Tram: £1.70 (single) or £4.00 (day ticket) Uber across town: £7 – 12 Taxi across town: £15

The EICC is extremely well located and surrounded by office workers and students which ensures the area offers a large variety of dining options ranging from supermarkets offering £3 meal deals, numerous delis and cafes, to high street chain restaurants and many more sit-down local restaurants. Within less than a mile radius, delegates are able to find food and beverage options available for all budgets.

For more information on Edinburgh, visit the city’s visiting guide here.